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Transformational Art

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The Transformational Power of Art

During times of radical change, art takes on an increasingly important role to awaken and unite us. Art can inspire and energize our highest visions of the new world we are creating. It can help us see with an evolutionary lens: instead of only seeing breakdown and despair, the artist can help us see a growing pattern of breakthrough and hope.

Sacred Symmetries Series

by Barbara Upton

In my Sacred Symmetries series I use a special blend of photography, mirror imaging, colored pencil and acrylic to reveal the hidden dimensions of nature. Sometimes I am even surprised but what shows up. In the piece "Angels among Us"for example, the angels suddenly ‘appeared”!

Each piece is rice paper on canvas and is unique and original.

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All images with titles in yellow are for sale. Click on the title for more information.


sacred pond, barbara upton art, barbara upton's art, sacred symmetries
"Sacred Pond" mixed media, 10 x 20 inches
lunar eclipse awakening, angel art, transformational art, barbara upton, moon-garden-altar, transformational art, barbara upton art, barbara upton's art
"Lunar Eclipse Awakening" mixed media,
16 x 16 inches
"Moon Garden Altar" mixed media,
16 x 20 inches
angel art, transformational art, barbara upton art, barbara upton's art
"Angels Among Us" mixed media, 12 x 36 inches




Owl Prints and Owl Art from the Owl Cottage Art Gallery


 baby owls, three baby owls, baby barred owls, barred owls
Three Baby Owls

You may wonder what pictures of owls are doing on a site dedicated to chronicling and energizing the planetary shift we are now experiencing.

I believe a large part of our awakening is reconnecting to the beauty and mystery of nature and the animals are here to help us do that.

I believe owls especially help us to tap into the wisdom of the ancestors and our higher selves. Even their pictures trigger something deep inside us — helping us to feel more secure, grounded and trusting of our intuition and reason for being here at this critical juncture in time.


In the summer of 2009, I was blessed with almost daily visitations of a family of owls. I especially enjoyed photographing the  owl babies you see above. I have hundreds of owl photos, many available as prints and cards, as well as some Owl Art, using the same technique as is used in Sacred Symmetries. Visit the owl gallery


Transformational Paintings

Fine art giclee prints are available on gallery-wrapped (no frame needed!) stretched cotton canvas for images of transformational art with titles in yellow. It is an affordable way to have museum quality art in your home! Click on the title for more infomation.

I attempt to portray the mystery, beauty and divinity of life, from the cosmos to your deepest self, in these acrylic paintings.

If you are interested in a fine art giclee print on canvas of any of the paintings not highlighted in yellow contact me at barbara@wakingplanet.com.


waking planet art, transformational art, barbara upton art, barbara upton's art, unframed artist gallery
"In Our Waking Planet, the Animals Are Protected" acrylic
transformational art, barbara upton emergence, transformational art, barbara upton art, barbara upton's art, abstract expressionism, acrylic painting
Detail of “Beginnings” "Emergence" acrylic
(gallery wrapped - no frame needed)
beginnings painting, transformational art, barbara upton's art, acrylic round painting magical feminine 2, transformational art, transformational painting, barbara upton art, barbara upton
“Beginnings” acrylic
(with round wooden frame)
"Magical Feminine 2", acrylic
EVOLVING, transformational art, transformational painting, barbara upton, acrylic painting avacados in winter, avocado painting, avocado acrylic, avocado plants, barbara upton
"Evolving" acrylic (gallery wrapped) "Avocados in Winter" acrylic
 Magical Feminine, transformational art, transformational painting, barbara upton Red Spot on Jupiter, red spot painting, red spot on jupiter painting, jupiter red spot, barbara upton
Detail of “Magical Feminine 2” "Red Spot on Jupiter 1" acrylic
red spot on Jupiter, red spot jupiter painting, jupiter painting, red spot jupiter, barbara upton spring blooms, floral painting, acrylic floral, purple flower painting, flower art, barbara upton
"Red Spot on Jupiter 2" acrylic "Spring Blooms" acrylic




                    All artwork © Barbara Upton. All rights reserved.