waking planet flag, world flag, world peace flag, peace flag, world flags
Waking Planet


The Waking Planet World Flag

Peace, Justice, Equality and Love

Earth, Sun and Moon Symbolism in the

World Peace Flag

waking planet flag, world flag, world peace flag, peace flag, world flagsThe blue earth, glowing with vitality, is surrounded by colorful figures representing the beauty that is possible when people of different colors, tongues and beliefs come together in mutual respect and support. The rainbow spectrum also stands for the integrated wholeness at the core of every individual in this world flag. We access this inner peace by accepting and loving all aspects of our humanness.                                                       The World Flag © Barbara Upton

The rising sun symbolizes the new millennium and the unlimited energy we are being given to be our best selves and to live our life’s purpose. The sun also represents our male aspect, which must be balanced with our inner female represented by the moon for inner peace to flourish.

The moon above also reminds us that life is cyclical and that every crisis creates a new opportunity of equal intensity—all the challenges facing us today are providing the catalyst for a massive awakening on our planet. The moon also connects us to our intuitive knowing. It whispers to us to act upon the love and wisdom of our higher selves in this precious lifetime.

The Waking Planet new world flag represents a lunar eclipse, a cosmological event in time spanning millions of miles! The symbolism of a lunar eclipse—the time when the earth travels between the sun and the moon and casts its shadow on the moon is key. By accepting and even learning to love our own shadow, with all of our human shortcomings, we experience inner peace — the foundation for peace in the world. Lunar eclipses were once feared, but now embraced, as opportunities for tremendous growth, self-awareness and spiritual awakening. More on the correlation between the waking person and our waking planet.


Waking Planet and U.S. flags, world peace flag, peace flag, world flags The Waking Planet World Flag shows our earth from a cosmic perspective where borders do not exist. It helps us to remember that in addition to being citizens of our country, we must also be people of the earth and deepen our reverence and respect for our jewel of a home.



“The Waking Planet World Flag is breathtakingly beautiful.“
   — Les Brown, National Speaker and Author

“This flag should be hanging from every porch!”
   —Alix Olsen, Poet


The Double Rainbow — An Auspicious Sign

double rainbow, waking planet double rainbow, vesica piscis, double rainbow effectThere is an interesting optical effect that sometimes appears as you gaze at the Waking Planet image awhile (it is a wonderful meditation tool). The one earth seems to become two and where they overlap is a fish symbol () with the colored figures surrounding it. It is very beautiful and I think it symbolizes the portal to peace we are now walking through. I call it the double rainbow and because it exists only through our observation, it is also a symbol of our inner power to create meaningful change.


Interestingly, since talking about the double rainbow, I discovered that the symbol of the two circles overlapping is called a vesica piscis and is considered the most sacred of all geometric forms, representing the union of the divine with the world of matter. The circle, representing divine unity, expands to become the duality of the male and female and divine offspring is created. The almond or vulva symbol in the middle is the matrix of all other geometric derivations and is known as the “Holy of the Holies”. It has been a symbol of a portal between the worlds; the intersection of heaven and earth and the source of immense power and energy for thousands of years! For a series of videos on sacred geometry—the divine architecture of the universe go to charlesgilchrist.com


"He who refuses, no matter what is done to him, to hate- can never be destroyed."

                                                                                    Martin Luther King Jr