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The Beautiful, Mystical Owls

We are fortunate to live in a forest inhabited by the Barred Owl. We hear their distinctive “hoo-hoo too-Hoo, hoo hoo too-Hoo” often, but even better, this past summer, the owls graced us with their presence nearly every day. The three baby owls were especially curious and would show up often and let us get quite near. I’d hang out with them for long periods and so was able to capture them in all their “shape shifting” glory! The owls often perched near the Waking Planet World Flag, as though guarding the principles of peace, justice and love it represents.

owls guarding flags, owls waking planet flag,

In cultures worldwide, the owl is a symbol of wisdom, power, intuition, mystery, protection, messages and change. Birds, in general, are often thought of as mediators between the material and spiritual worlds and owls in particular are seen in this light. Owl energy has a peaceful and protective vibration and as “rulers of the night” they teach us to acknowledge our shadow selves. The owl invites you to peer into the dark as they can and they give you courage to accept and come to love all that you find there.

May the owl medicine of the deep peace of inner knowing and protection be with you.

Owl Gallery

Owl Prints, Owl Art, Owl Greeting Cards

Titles in yellow are available as owl fine art giclée prints on paper, stretched canvas or as owl greeting cards. Click on the yellow title for options. If you are interested in prints that are not highlighted in yellow contact me at barbara@wakingplanet.com.


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Three Baby Owls Siblings 1 Baby Owl Feather
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White Owl The Gaze Acrobatics
owls in the summer, barred owls, two barred owls, barred owls photo owl amidst leaves, barred owl photo, barred owl photograph owl siblings, two owls, two barred owls, barred owls photo, barred owls photograph
Owl Summer 2009 Owl amidst Leaves Siblings
owl regal, barred owl perching, barred owl photo, barred owl photograph, owl photo owl spiral, unusual owl, unusual spiral owl, barred owl photo, owl acrobatics owl getting his bars, barred owl photo, barred owl, barred owl photograph, barred owl perching
Regal Perch Spiral Owl Getting His Bars
round owl, barred owl, barred owl photo, barred owl photograph two owls, owls in forest, owls photo talking-owl, talking owl photo, barred owl photo
Round Owl Owls Domain Talking Owl
owl-nearby, owl close up, barred owl photo, barred owl photograph owl-in-forest, barred owl trees, barred owl photo, 3 baby owls, baby owls, baby barred owls, baby owls photo, baby owls photograph, barbara upton photo
Owl Nearby Owl In Forest 3 Baby Owls - Daytime


Owl Art coming soon!



Fun Owl Facts

  • The owl is the only bird with human-like, forward facing eyes.
  • An owl has 14 vertebrae in its neck (we have 7) and can turn its head 270 degrees!
  • The collective noun for a group of owls is a parliament.
  • Owls have very keen far-sighted vision, but cannot see clearly a few inches in front of them. They have filoplumes, small, hair-like feathers on their beak and feet they use as “feelers”.
  • The leading edge on their flight feathers called “flutings” or “fimbriae” are serrated or fringe-like, which muffles the sound of air rushing over them, giving owl’s silent flight.
  • Owls mate for life.
  • There are over 200 species of owl, ranging from the Elf Owl that stands just over 5 inches tall and the Eagle Eurasian Owl with a wingspan of over 6 feet.
  • In many cultures the owl is considered a powerful spirit guide.

Fun Barred Owl Facts

  • During courtship, males display by swaying back and forth and raising their wings while sliding along a branch.
  • Their eggs are white and almost perfectly round.
  • Parents care for their young for at least four months, much longer than most other owls.
  • At birth they covered in white, fluffy down and their eyes are closed for a week.
  • When baby owls first leave the nest, they crawl out using their beak and talons to sit on branches. They are called “branchers” and stay there for 35-40 days.
  • Their eyes are dark brown. Most owls have yellow eyes.
  • They live in old forests near marshes and ponds.
  • They have white barring on their chests and vertical barring on their bellies, hence their name.
  • They are the most vocal of all owls.



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